Our ambition is bold and simple:
to have zero environmental impact advertising campaigns

By measuring, reducing, and offsetting their own environmental impact, companies can make a difference in ecosystems' conservation and in the pursuit of sustainable development.

Sustainable communication

Accelerate the transition to a net zero brand communication

Measure your impact,
improve your communication

Climate changes are tangible, and individuals and companies’ responsibility is strategic to front them. In this context, companies’ clear awareness of their emissions is crucial.


In Adivent we have developed a system for quantifying the climate footprint of advertising campaigns in compliance with the international standard ISO 14067 and international standards on life cycle assessment.


We help companies in the mitigation and offsetting phase of greenhouse gas emissions from advertising campaigns, so as to bring business activities in line with European and global environmental policies. This is achieved by joining recognized and certified forestry, energy efficiency, ecological transition, sustainable development projects.