Offsetting for zero-emission advertising campaign

Carbon footprint

By assessing the carbon footprint of an advertising campaign throughout its entire life cycle, it is possible to identify its main critical issues and thus plan for optimization and a reduction in costs and emissions. Unavoidable emissions can be offset by joining recognized and certified forestry, energy efficiency, ecological transition, and sustainable development projects. These actions must then be enhanced in the communication phase of the company’s environmental commitment.
As part of the consultancy activity, Adivent can provide:

  • Detailed report of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from advertising campaigns, with indication of emissions by operating sector
  • Strategies to reduce carbon emissions of advertising campaigns
  • Support in Carbon neutrality compensation measures
  • Support on Carbon neutrality communication

Emissions offset

The compensation of the CO2 emissions produced by the outdoor campaign avviene through the earning of certified Emission Reduction Credits (CER) coming from emission-reduction projects in developing countries in compliance with the program of the United Nations Clean development mechanism – CDM under the Kyoto Protocol.

The projects and the related carbon credits (each credit equivalent to one tonne of CO2) are recorded on the UN website with public access ( The aim is to obtain credits that can be traded on the carbon market or used by European companies falling within the scope of the Emission Trading Directive 2003/87/CE.

Tons of CO2 purchased for the offset are recorded on the European Commission Registry

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