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Act for a zero
carbon advertising

Advertising contributes to creating and accelerating behaviour change, so it has a clear responsibility to help the world to move towards a net zero carbon economy as fast as it can.

Carbon Footprint is a key indicator to support industry in reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions generated by advertising. It is in fact a parameter used to estimate GHG emissions related to a product, a service, an organization, an event, or an individual.

Furthermore, zero-emissions advertising improves the perception and the image of the product and the brand by consumers in terms of corporate social and environmental responsibility.

Measurement, reduction, and compensation


Adivent deals with measurement, reduction, and compensation of all communication activities of its costumers, whether it be outdoor communication, murals, digital services, logistics.

Measuring the carbon footprint of each media-space is the first and essential step in understanding the impact of advertising campaign. All suppliers working with Adivent are expected to comply with its environmental policy, to comply with all sustainability standards and, where possible, to provide Adivent with the related certificates.

If a supplier cannot certify its environmental management system, Adivent will provide alternative solutions that will ensure the sustainability of the activities.

What we measure

Media spaces

OOh, digital outdoor, murals, banners:
we assess theCO2 impact of all kinds of media

Events and digital services

Our know-how also allows us to calculate the Carbon Footprint of concerts, fashion shows, live events and live streaming services.

Our assets and unique propositions

The measurement and compensation of the carbon footprint of every single advertising campaign will be possible thanks to:

ISO 14064-1 certified organization’s CO2 emissions monitoring and reporting system

Management system for quantification and reporting of the carbon footprint in compliance with ISO 14067 and the international standards on Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

Proprietary database on the life cycle emission data of the outdoor advertising campaigns carried out with any type of media

Specific data collection system for each type of campaign through questionnaires

Dedicated software consistent with ISO 14067, for the quantification of greenhouse gas emissions of the advertising campaigns carried out with any type of media and anywhere in the world

Evaluation of mitigation and offsetting activities for GHG emissions of advertising campaigns in accordance with customer needs.


By analyzing the Carbon Footprint of an advertising campaign during its entire life cycle, it is possible to identify its main critical issues and thus plan an optimization and reduction of costs and emissions. Unavoidable emissions can be offset by joining recognized and certified forestry, energy efficiency, ecological transition, and sustainable development projects.

Mitigation and Off-setting